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About Me

Ever since Ian Lane was born in Florida, at a very early age, he has been writing, playing and singing. After receiving a guitar at the age of 10 he learned a few chords and he was hooked.

Ian started playing in clubs and bars before he was legally old enough to drink and over the past 40 years he has played for audiences all over Northeast Ohio, Southern Michigan and Western Pennsylvania, along with numerous gigs throughout the US and even England.

As an accomplished acoustic guitarist, Ian performs songs from artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, Jim Croce and his personal favorite, Harry Chapin. He also enjoys playing an eclectic range of songs from all eras and styles from blues to Broadway musicals.

Using his skills as a retired electronic engineer, Ian Lane has pioneered the use of electronic effects, custom built designs, and midi sequences to accentuate his music.
Ian currently resides in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio just outside of Akron. He is the owner of Kawaii Bri Music recording studio where he can be found arranging old songs and backing tracks, writing new songs and coming up with new ways of presenting his music.
And when he isn’t performing he can usually be found volunteering his time by playing at senior and assisted living facilities as well as performing in one of the local theater productions.

Playing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Aug. 2023

“Music is from the heart, it enables me to express myself without limits or boundaries”

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